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[Edit group][Changes]Catalog of known Stars with Exoplanets

An extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, is a planet that is beyond the Solar System.

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HD 62509? PsAγ Cepι Dra? Tau
ε Eri? Picυ AndHD 219449ε Ret
HD 60532τ Boo4 UmaHD 110014HD 11977
? Aql61 Vir? CrB42 Dra70 Vir
11 UMiHD 3356447 UMa94 Cet? Men
μ Ara14 And? RetHD 47536HD 147513
ι HorHD 81688ρ CrBHD 59686HD 122430
18 Del51 PegHD 1064781 CetHD 39091
HD 142HD 190360HD 89744HD 16417HD 104985
54 Psc6 LynHD 169830HD 3852955 Cnc
HD 167042HD 21070216 CygHD 139357HD 69830
HD 218396HD 173416HD 216435HD 216437HD 13445
HD 217107HD 186427HD 179949HD 10697HD 137510
HD 52265HD 8673HD 75289HD 32518HD 196885
HD 134987HD 146130 AriHD 156846HD 178911
WASP-32HD 5319HD 33636HD 34445HD 37605
HD 46375HD 70573HD 74156HD 95089HD 102195
WASP-24HD 149143HD 175541HD 171028HD 192699
HD 200964HD 4313HD 45652HAT-P-24HD 73534
HD 89307HD 106252HD 102272HD 128311WASP-38
HD 170469HD 183263HD 4203HIP 14810HD 24040
HD 37124HD 81040HD 88133HD 114762WASP-14
HD 231701HAT-P-23HD 195019HD 209458HD 219828
HD 8574HD 9446HD 12661HD 50554HD 108874
HD 145457HD 156668HD 164922HD 177830HD 189733
HD 188015HD 185269HD 190228WASPHD 13189
WASP-11HD 20367HAT-P-9HD 75898HD 87883
HAT-P-4HD 155358HAT-P-5WASP-3HD 187123
HAT-P-17HAT-P-8HAT-P-16WASP-33HD 16175
HD 13931HD 16760HD 23596HAT-P-15HD 45350
HD 43691HD 40979HD 49674HAT-P-21HD 136418
HD 149026HAT-P-214 HerHAT-P-14HD 188753
HAT-P-6HD 17092HAT-P-13HD 80606HAT-P-22
HAT-P-3HD 154345HAT-P-7HAT-P-11HD 102956
HD 118203HD 132406HD 240210HD 68988HD 17156
HD 109246HD 7924HD 2638HD 3056HD 16141
HD 290327HD 66428HD 72659HD 86081HD 90043
HD 92788HD 99109HD 100777HD 107148HD 114783
HD 126614HD 130322HD 136118HD 149382HD 179079
HD 192263HD 206610HIP 109388HD 222582HD 6718
HD 11964HD 28185HD 38801HD 44219HD 82943
BD -10 3166HD 96167Gliese 581HD 148427HD 168443
HD 168746HD 210277WASP-26HD 11506HD 86264
HD 104067HD 125612WASP-16HD 141937HD 202206
HD 204313HD 212771HD 224693HD 4208HD 20782
WASP-22HD 33283HD 47186HD 43197HD 86226
HD 90156WASP-25WASP-17HD 145377HD 164604
HD 171238HD 181342HD 180902HD 216770HD 20868
HD 45364HD 50499HD 73256HD 73267HD 93083
HD 114386HD 114729HD 117207HD 181720HD 190647
HD 205739HD 4113HD 6434HD 9578HD 8535
HD 70642HD 73526HD 83443HD 109749HD 125595
HD 143361HD 153950HD 162020HD 159868HD 187085
WASP-7HD 208487WASP-29HD 5388WASP-18
HD 28254HD 41004HD 48265HD 85390HD 103197
HD 117618HD 148156HD 330075HD 152079HD 156411
HD 213240HD 2039HD 23079HD 27894HD 30177
HD 44627HD 63765HD 101930HD 102117HD 121504
HD 154857HD 154672HD 215497HD 221287HD 4308
HD 10180HD 23127HD 40307HD 65216HD 76700
HD 108147HD 142415HD 147018HD 181433HD 190984
HD 196050HD 111232HD 129445HD 131664HD 175167
HD 1237HD 63454HD 212301HD 142022

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