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[Edit group][Changes]Flamsteed Objects

Flamsteed designations for stars are similar to Bayer designations, except that they use numbers instead of Greek letters. Each star is assigned a number and the Latin genitive of the constellation it lies in (see List of constellations for a list of constellations and the genitive forms of their names). The numbers were originally assigned in order of increasing right ascension within each constellation, but due to the effects of precession they are now slightly out of order in some places. This method of designating stars first appeared in a preliminary version of John Flamsteed's Historia coelestis Britannica which was published by Edmond Halley and Isaac Newton in 1712 without Flamsteed's approval. The final version of Flamsteed's catalogue published in 1725 after his death omitted any number designations altogether.

[Edit list of memebers][Changes]Objects

9 CMa16 Boo3 Lyr13 Aur19 Ori
10 CMi58 Ori53 Aql87 Tau21 Sco
67 Vir78 Gem24 PsA50 Cyg32 Leo
21 CMa35 Sco24 Ori112 Tau46 Ori
77 UMa33 Per50 UMa25 CMa20 Sgr
85 UMa34 Aur24 Gem2 CMa66 Gem
30 Hya13 Ari1 UMi34 Sgr16 Cet
50 Ori21 And43 And53 Ori5 Cen
7 UMi55 Oph26 Per94 Leo37 Cyg
18 Cas34 Ori5 CrB33 Dra57 And
11 Cas79 UMa26 Sco7 Sco48 UMa
8 Peg53 Peg35 Oph64 UMa5 Cep
31 CMa53 Cyg27 Cas54 Peg92 Cet
68 Leo13 Oph11 Lep4 Crv38 Sgr
41 Leo27 Lib37 Aur8 Sco6 Ari
9 Crv24 Ser37 Cas8 Boo3 Aur
34 Sco36 Boo19 Sgr50 Aql1 Oph
14 Dra9 Lib44 Ori27 Her60 Oph
67 Eri23 Dra15 Pup40 Her22 Sgr
23 Sco88 Peg47 Vir9 Lep44 Per
25 Tau18 Cyg49 Cap13 Gem66 Gem
45 Per6 Sco20 Sco41 Sgr3 CMi
12 CVn22 Aqr23 Per44 Peg34 Eri
7 Crv34 Aqr27 Gem17 Leo7 Aur
10 Sgr17 Aql4 Tri123 Tau2 Crv
46 Hya39 Per52 UMa1 CMa24 CMa
27 Boo68 Cet34 UMa13 UMi57 Dra
6 Cyg9 Cap16 Hya40 Lyn9 UMa
65 Her67 Her10 Aur25 UMa22 Dra
27 Sgr1 Ori2 Lep27 Oph64 Cyg
35 Cep65 Aql8 Cep2 Oph14 Lyr
58 Ser31 And49 Hya42 Oph76 Aqr
7 Gem20 Lib12 Dra5 Lep69 UMa
40 Sgr7 Pup70 Leo64 Oph21 Cep
28 Ori31 Gem1 UMa30 Aql79 Vir
45 Cas11 Hya43 Vir25 Per78 Tau
42 Peg2 Tri86 Her3 Cep24 Cas
36 Leo16 Aql31 Cet33 UMa10 Lyr
86 Cet35 Tau22 CMa49 Boo12 Sge
54 UMa64 Her48 Peg52 Cet42 Boo
37 Sgr17 Cnc14 Leo30 Leo32 Cep
74 Tau55 Gem32 Ser44 Her26 Peg
23 Eri39 Ori55 Ser14 Lep8 Cet
41 Eri12 Crt51 And77 Gem44 Dra
6 Cap54 Gem25 Boo39 Lib45 Cet
1 Tau20 Ori13 Lep34 Gem12 UMa
41 Hya5 Vir99 Psc1 And41 Ari
27 Tau6 Del54 Tau29 Vir11 Dra
17 Cas40 Lib88 Aqr23 UMa28 Ser
29 Vir3 CrB40 Cap16 Eri3 Ori
6 Psc17 Tau92 Her16 Lep63 UMa
37 Ser60 Aql8 Ori33 Aur109 Vir
62 Cyg65 Cyg55 Cet18 Eri72 Oph
2 Tau34 Cap73 Aqr8 Aur20 Her
62 Oph32 Dra27 Cep15 Per61 Tau
24 Peg41 Per39 Sgr1 Cyg9 Del
2 Aqr7 Lac43 Gem60 Gem10 Cyg
31 Cyg27 Per29 UMa41 Leo13 Ser
13 Ser85 Her48 Ori15 Lep42 Hya
52 Eri38 Lyn10 Oph7 Sge16 And
38 Per46 LMi103 Her63 Dra77 Tau
1 Dra8 CrB109 Her48 Aqr28 CMa
47 Leo41 Ser91 Her13 Sgr37 And
20 Tau53 Eri16 CMa5 Dra22 Hya
24 Leo107 Vir5 Sco3 Eri15 Vir
22 Her21 Cyg55 Aql38 Tau35 Hya
38 Lib58 Her8 Equ48 Eri26 Mon
44 Sgr47 Cnc78 Leo58 Cyg18 Per
7 CMa79 UMa5 Lup47 Peg43 Eri
13 CMa3 Pup9 Sco32 Aur67 Oph
98 Aqr50 Cas5 Mon32 Cyg59 Cet
9 Tri80 UMa13 Dra14 Sco41 Cyg
71 Aqr28 Psc57 Eri48 Cnc1 Crv
13 Aql12 Aql73 Cyg62 Aqr10 Cam
3 Vir70 Oph2 Del46 Per48 Per
38 Eri13 Lyr77 Leo23 Boo34 And
69 Gem82 Cet9 Ori14 CMa5 Boo
23 Cap7 Crt15 Crt99 Vir1 Peg
50 And11 Eri40 Ori35 Ser5 Tau
18 Cap13 Per61 Ori23 CMa39 Hya
9 Vir10 Peg1 Lac17 Psc51 Per
29 Ori4 CrB16 Cap19 And18 Gem
22 Mon46 Lib13 CrB15 Cas1 Gem
4 Hya43 Aqr44 Oph18 PsA23 Tau
62 Gem19 Boo2 Cen98 Vir110 Her
23 Cep46 Peg32 Ori11 Pup35 Her
50 Ori31 LMi23 PsA91 Aqr65 Tau
43 Dra2 Cep52 Cyg90 Aqr16 Per
37 Per27 Eri1 Cen22 UMi67 Cyg
81 Cyg5 Cap42 And89 Cet58 Per
88 Tau31 Lyn65 Cnc5 UMi110 Psc
35 Aur8 CVn43 Com93 Vir11 Her
56 Ser87 Cet19 Eri90 Tau69 Eri
12 Del33 Aqr71 Psc73 Cet10 Tau
69 Tau94 Tau75 Gem8 Oph32 Cap
10 Psc47 Per49 Tau68 Tau9 Cam
6 Lep45 Oph10 Cep17 Cep29 Peg
17 PsA17 And19 Tau7 Hya91 Leo
12 Lyr33 Cyg4 Leo8 Crv51 Boo
54 Eri4 CMi12 Hya16 UMi10 Sco
71 Aql33 Cas113 Psc4 CMa53 Ser
1 Lyr29 Mon2 Lup49 Oph9 PsA
9 Peg57 Ari44 Aur15 Lyn29 And
35 Per37 Tau2 Ori4 Lep13 Hya
15 Com102 Her23 UMi6 Lyr111 Her
21 Lyr41 Aql5 Lac30 And65 Cet
20 CMa31 Leo5 Sge6 Sge119 Tau
51 Vir25 Oph61 Eri40 Oph20 Lyr
1 Cep93 Aqr99 Aqr30 CMa16 Pup
110 Vir68 Peg37 Ori54 Ori46 Gem
53 UMa58 Hya76 Her94 Her33 Cep
30 Psc38 And26 Eri67 Ori60 Leo
7 Oph3 Aqr55 Aqr63 Psc40 Eri
8 CMa30 Boo27 Ser39 Cyg11 Del
66 Cyg3 Lac7 Cet106 Psc8 Mon
5 Hya6 Vul3 Lep9 Oph68 Oph
60 Dra38 Aql17 Ori1 Leo28 Boo
11 Lac22 PsA1 Eri7 Cam10 Ori
18 Mon74 Leo86 Aqr70 Ori2 Lyn
15 UMa21 LMi11 Crt13 Cyg71 Tau
30 Gem15 Sex16 Lib7 Equ105 Aqr
13 Mon26 UMa54 Leo4 Boo4 Oph
24 Cap14 PsA18 Psc83 Psc39 Ari
50 Eri67 Dra13 Aqr36 Cap6 Lac
25 And29 Aur100 Vir21 Ser75 Her
59 Sgr23 Vul55 Peg7 And35 And
17 Per93 Leo54 Cyg4 Psc22 Cas
48 Cas16 Aur5 CMa6 CMi17 Boo
43 Boo24 Lib3 Sgr7 Cas10 LMi
37 Boo19 Sco63 Cyg70 Peg2 Cet
24 UMa3 Cen11 Cep47 Ori32 Hya
24 Her2 Peg2 Lac4 Lac136 Tau
31 Dra13 Vul62 Sgr30 Ori42 Ori
1 Pup30 UMa2 Sco13 Sco1 Ara
113 Her58 Dra31 Vul55 Aqr11 Mon
4 UMa31 Hya40 Hya35 Boo52 Sgr
62 Peg33 Psc24 And46 Sgr47 Cyg
111 Psc36 Ori37 Lib1 Her57 Oph
57 Ser63 Ser28 Cas48 Ari48 Ari
28 Per62 Ori63 Leo72 Leo10 CrB
3 Oph9 Lac102 Tau21 Lyn1 Sco
66 Oph71 Oph15 Vul85 Psc33 Eri
86 Tau7 Ori38 Gem10 Dra20 Oph
69 Her3 And84 Psc35 Ari36 Eri
15 Mon27 CMa43 Cnc8 Vir26 Vir
83 UMa47 Dra32 Aql52 Aqr84 Peg
53 Cet34 Per18 Lep14 UMa3 Lup
93 Her80 Cyg11 Ori19 CMa28 Mon
61 Dra4 Del39 Cap73 Tau92 Tau
74 Vir12 Cyg5 Equ23 Aqr31 Aqr
66 Aqr89 Aqr22 Per91 Cet29 Leo
21 Crt24 CVn58 Sgr39 Cas65 And
52 Per15 Aur31 Ori37 LMi45 UMa
59 Aql101 Aqr19 Pup14 Cas17 Eri
22 Ori27 Crt20 CVn4 Cen41 Oph
6 Aqr9 Cep43 Cap78 Cyg36 Cas
4 Ori31 Aur30 LMi61 Leo11 Com
61 Vir43 Lib8 Cyg59 Cyg5 Ari
76 Cet2 Eri21 Boo4 Lup34 Cep
17 Cet90 Psc25 Aur8 UMa69 Vir
44 Boo38 Ser6 Her16 CrB4 Sgr
8 Cap56 Peg20 Cet17 Mon87 Leo
51 Hya45 Dra1 Vul2 Aur56 Ori
55 UMa36 Com11 Cap57 Cyg9 Ari
32 Eri64 Eri50 Aur26 Hya40 Leo
40 Vir22 Sco24 Cep35 Peg43 Peg
89 Peg19 Cas13 Eri64 Tau49 Ori
13 UMa27 Hya5 CVn41 Com60 Vir
28 Dra65 Eri12 Com23 Com105 Vir
34 Boo41 Boo51 Oph21 Sgr34 Cyg
32 Peg58 And15 Ori139 Tau25 CVn
4 UMi11 CrB50 Ser52 Her30 Oph
68 Her42 Dra52 Dra29 Vul57 Aqr
104 Aqr26 Cas48 And5 Ari60 And
96 Cet15 CMa18 UMa14 Crt12 Boo
30 Boo44 Ser18 Dra32 Sgr60 Sgr
30 Cyg98 Psc57 And83 Cet47 Tau
27 Lyn36 UMa58 Leo29 Her55 Cyg
22 Cap22 Peg56 Cet53 Per2 Vir
19 CrB42 Sgr1 Cas8 And78 Cet
11 Aur126 Tau132 Tau20 Boo31 Boo
74 Oph56 Sgr27 Psc8 Tri39 Eri
12 Lyn53 UMa25 Dra58 Oph5 Cas
46 And15 Eri114 Tau81 Gem9 Hya
30 Vir48 Lib24 Dra10 Lac8 Cas
6 Cet25 Cas72 Cet58 Ari19 Dra
15 Cyg70 Aql46 Cet16 Lyn63 Aur
71 Gem35 Com37 Com42 Her72 Cyg
50 Peg12 Per45 Eri51 Ori134 Tau
46 Aur6 Boo1 Lup60 Her69 Aql
30 Vul20 Mon19 Lib8 Sco24 Cyg
15 PsA24 Per54 Per17 Lep27 Mon
78 UMa45 Boo15 Lyr28 Cyg78 Peg
20 Cas53 And6 Tri50 Tau4 Aur
109 Tau6 Dra31 Com78 Vir29 Boo
54 Hya11 Lib31 Lib15 Sco22 Cyg
15 Lac8 Psc3 Cet32 Per52 Tau
25 Ori3 Mon69 Ori84 Leo7 Com
14 Com4 Dra45 Hya21 UMi106 Her
39 Aql12 Vul67 Aql45 Cyg20 And
16 Vir42 Lib15 UMi95 Her43 Sgr
40 Per75 Tau83 Gem18 Hya5 Leo
89 Vir52 Hya104 Her2 Cyg29 Cyg
34 Cas52 And14 Ari1 Lyn29 CMa
6 Hya70 Vir11 Sgr39 Dra63 Ser
95 Aqr4 Cas72 Peg46 Cas21 Aur
111 Tau30 Aur19 Mon2 CMi24 Lyn
20 Pup59 Leo56 UMa14 CrB35 Sgr
54 Dra17 Cyg9 Aur104 Tau23 Ori
18 CMa51 Gem10 Leo16 Com7 Her
15 Dra9 Vul8 Sge68 Cyg102 Aqr
65 Gem82 Vir9 Boo16 Lyr26 Aql
32 Vul74 Cyg10 PsA31 Peg14 Aur
55 Aur58 Aur6 CVn24 Com11 UMi
52 Boo53 Boo5 Oph30 Dra4 Aql
61 Sgr22 And41 And12 Ari10 Tri
31 Per79 Tau60 Eri19 Aur2 Mon
57 Gem46 UMa45 Lib36 Dra47 Sgr
36 Aql20 Cyg16 Cep63 Aqr4 Per
74 Ori4 Pup53 Vir30 Her51 Her
35 Dra99 Her46 Dra28 Vul56 Cyg
14 Peg22 Cep19 Psc3 Cam64 Gem
74 Gem8 Sex47 UMa27 Dra26 Cyg
7 Del7 Psc47 Psc94 Cet10 Mon
38 Hya5 Ser98 Her4 Lyr55 Sgr
92 Aqr77 Peg64 Psc30 Tau91 Tau
24 Aur6 Leo7 CrB36 Oph17 Vul
11 Cam27 Ori43 Ori44 Hya48 Leo
41 LMi49 UMa50 Hya17 Dra36 Sgr
51 Cap16 Peg31 Cep13 Lac94 Aqr
66 Peg81 Peg63 Ari28 Tau30 Sex
13 Crt18 Aql46 Cap8 Ari97 Tau
56 Gem44 UMa6 Com101 Her23 Aql
16 Sge15 Cap25 Aqr2 And29 Psc
21 Per42 Per47 Eri12 Pup6 CrB
36 Ser36 Oph6 Cyg54 Aql75 Cyg
19 Cep48 Cet66 Tau66 Eri68 Eri
43 Cam8 Cnc38 UMa27 Com36 Boo
5 Her70 Her87 Her107 Her2 Lyr
53 Dra37 Aql19 Cyg57 Peg37 Cet
41 Ori65 Aur25 Mon16 UMa59 Dra
47 Aqr4 Tau64 Ori42 Cam80 Gem
13 CMi18 Cnc11 UMa77 Cnc19 LMi
102 Vir5 Lyr23 Cyg12 Del14 Tri
29 Per35 Lyn21 CVn90 Vir47 Hya
8 Lib36 Lib43 Her21 Aql4 Cyg
22 Vul82 Psc89 Psc37 UMa90 Her
31 Aql4 Vul1 Aqr10 Equ49 Peg
59 Peg30 Cas9 Per42 Eri9 Pup
27 UMa9 Ser10 Ser44 Aql35 Cyg
17 Del27 And42 Cas38 Ari125 Tau
42 Gem6 Pup75 Leo30 Crt13 Com
95 Her3 Vul21 Vul6 Cep42 Cap
108 Aqr19 Cet64 And6 Ori66 Aur
49 Vir25 Cyg30 Cep13 Cet41 Tau
31 Cam71 Ori52 Aur10 CMa18 Lyn
62 Cnc64 Cnc2 Dra21 Lib20 CrB
39 Oph73 Dra59 Aqr97 Aqr5 Lyn
26 Gem29 Sex67 UMa5 Crv76 Vir
59 Ser61 Cyg49 Cas42 Ari60 Ori
57 Aur63 Gem58 Cnc32 Vir42 Com
42 Com57 Vir59 Vir17 Sco19 Aql
16 Vul14 Cap14 And28 And91 Psc
113 Psc20 Eri42 Tau51 Eri20 Aur
34 Ser26 Dra11 Aql17 Lyr1 Equ
86 Psc107 Psc28 Eri76 Cnc23 Hya
22 Sex42 LMi8 Dra56 Hya54 Boo
45 Her69 Oph29 Sgr28 Cap71 Cyg
41 Cap106 Aqr24 Eri8 Lep56 Aur
5 CMi7 CMi68 Gem42 Lyn14 CVn
68 Vir13 Boo23 Oph59 Her9 Lyr
10 Cap12 Lac10 Eri58 Tau45 Ori
27 Leo92 Leo48 Boo16 Ser68 Aqr
49 And17 Ari52 Ori7 Mon49 Aur
36 Gem17 UMa31 UMa105 Her47 Aql
64 Dra20 Cep40 Cas7 Tri69 Cet
61 Ari43 Per35 Eri67 Tau16 Cam
96 Her18 Lyr25 Aql61 Aql7 Cap
29 Cap31 Cas12 Tri46 Tau59 Per
133 Tau11 CMa14 CMi3 CVn17 Com
15 Boo12 Peg13 Peg18 Cep107 Aqr
62 And33 Ari4 Cam106 Tau7 Lep
72 Ori1 CMi11 CMi10 Cnc3 Dra
12 Lib25 Cap7 Peg32 Aqr18 And
82 Peg22 Cet36 Per19 Lep76 Gem
14 Hya57 UMa7 Lib33 Vul70 Cyg
9 Eri36 Cam36 Lyn22 Leo73 Leo
4 Vir9 Dra53 Her24 Vul41 Aqr
64 Peg71 Peg32 And20 Per40 Tau
5 Ori73 Ori14 Lyn33 Cnc61 UMa
55 Vir3 Ser20 Ser37 Oph4 And
74 Psc14 Ori21 Ori82 Cnc53 Leo
7 Sgr20 Aql42 Aqr103 Aqr75 Cet
15 Tri29 Tau53 Tau2 Cam55 Ori
40 Cam13 Lyn85 Gem31 Cnc16 Leo
23 LMi74 UMa6 Ser54 Her43 Oph
50 Dra55 Psc38 Ori40 Aur37 Cam
45 Aur22 Lyn20 LMi1 Vir84 Vir
10 Sge27 Cyg41 Psc59 Tau34 Lyn
8 LMi7 Vir63 Vir50 Boo2 Her
82 Her28 Sgr5 Lyr13 Sge60 Cyg
46 Aqr30 Peg52 Psc57 Psc93 Psc
47 Cas95 Cet56 Tau63 Eri121 Tau
41 Lib15 Sgr51 Dra9 Cyg3 Del
75 Ori57 Cnc79 Leo22 Boo33 Boo
21 CrB64 Her72 Her60 Ser51 Aql
66 Dra51 Cyg58 Peg12 Cas55 And
83 Tau26 Aur11 Mon25 Ser14 Cyg
5 Psc23 Cas39 Cet57 Cet44 Tau
60 Cnc2 Leo11 LMi37 Leo18 Boo
44 Lib15 CrB33 Cap35 Vul68 Psc
50 Cet70 Cet17 Cam115 Tau69 Leo
106 Vir14 Aql15 Aql12 PsA25 Cet
60 Cet32 Ari14 Per16 Ori72 Cnc
7 Dra87 Vir16 Sco2 Vul49 Sgr
5 Del30 Cap16 PsA2 Psc83 Aqr
6 Cas37 Eri28 Gem45 Gem14 Sgr
46 Cyg7 Cep11 And4 Eri21 Mon
19 Lyn26 Lyn59 Cnc69 Cnc12 CrB
34 Dra5 Peg16 Tau93 Tau33 Ori
20 Hya46 Leo3 Crv21 Com26 Com
82 UMa95 Vir15 Lib89 Her42 Aql
75 Dra38 Aqr26 Cep36 And24 Ari
30 Per36 Tau118 Tau27 Aur2 UMa
24 Hya49 Lib75 Her66 Aql30 Eri
81 Tau5 Pup52 Leo24 Crt18 Com
21 Vir9 Her19 UMi27 Sco112 Her
49 Dra18 Del37 Peg43 Ari130 Tau
51 Leo47 Her24 Sgr27 Aql10 Vul
19 Vul18 Aqr21 Aqr51 Peg20 Psc
58 Psc69 Psc94 Psc3 Tri64 Ari
43 Tau103 Tau116 Tau27 Cnc28 LMi
35 Lib18 Sco29 Cep86 Peg34 Psc
67 Cet50 Per58 Eri62 Eri40 LMi
86 Vir1 CrB11 Ser21 Oph49 Cyg
7 Aqr80 Psc1 Per62 Ari5 Cam
135 Tau65 Leo86 Leo83 Her63 Aql
18 Vul12 Cep87 Peg80 Cet22 Eri
72 Tau95 Leo16 Dra28 Aql11 Sge
15 Peg49 Aqr75 Peg66 Cet11 Tri
122 Tau18 Pup15 Hya14 Boo25 Her
25 Vul17 Peg30 Aqr79 Psc81 Psc
25 Eri10 Lep48 Aur3 Cnc70 UMa
75 Vir50 Lib5 Aqr96 Aqr22 Psc
74 Psc5 Eri18 Ori70 Gem33 Hya
32 Boo9 CrB14 Cep77 Aqr32 Cas
102 Psc12 Tau22 Cnc81 Leo5 Com
47 Boo64 Ser67 Peg28 Cet47 And
53 Cas21 Ari80 Tau6 UMa34 LMi
42 UMa6 Vir2 CrB24 Oph11 Lyr
36 Cyg4 Cep13 Del16 Del48 Cap
28 Aqr27 Peg36 Peg10 Cas43 Cas
63 And57 Tau137 Tau8 CMi2 Hya
28 Hya59 UMa31 Vir24 Boo74 Her
22 Aql50 Sgr27 Vul16 Lac63 Peg
15 And11 Mon19 Hya12 CVn40 Com
23 CVn81 UMa83 Vir18 Sgr20 Peg
23 Cet93 Cet39 Ori1 Hya44 Leo
58 Aql3 Equ22 Ari43 Lyn2 Boo
4 Sco78 Her40 Cyg49 Cet10 Ari
59 And64 Cet46 Ari32 Tau66 Ori
16 Cnc18 Leo55 Hya4 Ser45 Ser
28 Her108 Her5 Vul73 Peg32 Psc
18 Tau63 Tau35 Ori15 Cnc29 Lyn
3 UMa45 Cnc15 Leo40 Boo32 Lib
17 CrB1 Sge11 Peg44 And81 Cet
51 Tau35 Gem18 Sex71 Vir59 Hya
51 Sgr79 Cyg19 Peg38 Peg21 Cas
47 Cet49 Cnc51 Cnc4 Com2 CVn
48 Dra4 Sge69 Aqr51 Psc56 And
31 Tau63 Ori63 Cnc49 Leo43 UMa
33 Vir46 Boo12 Sco45 Aql14 Vul
4 Peg26 Aqr72 Psc31 Ari41 Gem
67 Leo6 Crv25 Com41 Dra62 Aql
16 Psc3 Per34 Ari97 Cet13 Tau
120 Tau51 Aur10 Pup8 Leo20 Com
108 Vir39 Boo16 Her33 Sgr43 Cyg
37 Cap77 Cyg38 Cet15 Ari6 CMa
73 UMa29 Com84 UMa7 Boo86 UMa
10 Her19 Aqr23 Peg5 And2 Cas
19 Ari84 Cet53 Gem3 Leo31 Ser
84 Her57 Aql63 Sgr23 And12 Cet
55 Ari45 Tau60 Tau46 Eri131 Tau
3 Hya22 UMa11 Vir50 Her52 Aql
71 Dra8 Del55 Per36 Aur37 Gem
14 Cnc5 UMa62 UMa80 Vir4 Lib
47 Ser73 Oph7 Lyr8 PsA8 Lac
66 Psc7 Ari17 CMa85 Leo38 Boo
14 Oph73 Her8 Per77 Cet8 Eri
1 Lep3 Gem68 Ori30 Cnc66 Vir
1 Boo4 Her12 Oph26 Oph7 Cyg
68 Dra76 Dra44 Aqr25 Cep34 Peg
52 Peg13 And85 Peg21 Tau56 Per
59 Gem10 Boo50 Aqr44 Psc11 Per
37 Ari6 Tau1 Cam59 Eri117 Tau
19 Sex32 LMi89 Leo48 Hya57 Hya
37 Her79 Her12 And21 Psc44 Cas
47 Gem64 Aur1 Cnc33 Lyn30 Com
11 Sco18 CrB19 Cap35 Cap25 Peg
51 Aqr35 Psc2 Per20 Ari56 Ari
89 Tau99 Tau53 Aur35 Sex41 Sex
44 Vir19 CVn31 Dra24 UMi56 Aql
10 And80 Peg47 Ari5 Gem39 UMa
13 Lib21 Dra35 Aql15 Sge13 Cep
21 Peg74 Aqr45 And38 Cas98 Tau
9 CMi56 Leo71 UMa22 Ser53 Oph
8 Vul35 Aqr30 Cet40 Ari52 Gem
66 Cnc32 UMa39 Leo34 Lib15 Aqr
9 Equ40 Peg2 Cnc21 Dra28 Cep
4 Ari6 Eri12 Mon66 UMa11 Lyn
33 Gem48 Gem7 LMi38 LMi12 Vir
60 Hya21 Her77 Her2 Cap1 Ari
100 Her54 Psc42 Cet12 Lep39 Aur
50 Cnc2 Com25 Vir64 Vir18 Lib
3 Sco45 Sgr4 Cap16 Aqr14 Psc
112 Psc6 Lyn36 Cnc29 Boo23 Ser
42 Cyg44 Cap9 Cas53 Psc13 Tri
105 Tau30 Lyn65 Vir10 Aql12 Aqr
60 Aqr49 Ari59 Ari39 Tau76 Tau
56 Eri59 Ori47 Aur27 LMi33 LMi
13 Vir100 Her5 Aql45 Ari17 Sex
55 Leo76 Leo17 CVn92 Vir8 Lyr
49 Aql7 Tau57 Ori26 CMa51 Cam
26 Boo5 Oph39 Her57 Sgr20 Vul
14 Lac14 Cet62 Psc61 Cet63 Cet
16 Mon61 Gem18 Ser17 Cap24 Psc
34 Cet26 Cam4 Lyn8 Lyn16 Crt
58 UMa50 Vir47 Lib69 Oph61 Ser
12 Cap4 Equ69 Cyg6 And33 Cet
5 Aur20 Cnc29 Cnc55 Cnc62 Leo
90 Leo10 Vir10 CVn3 Boo16 Sgr
37 Dra45 Aqr21 Eri38 Com16 Cyg
74 Dra105 Psc35 Leo25 Sex9 Sgr
6 PsA21 PsA79 Peg39 And87 Psc
7 Per19 Cnc75 Cnc19 Lyr15 Del
69 Peg60 Psc5 Cnc9 Cnc46 Vir
39 Com64 Aql10 Del4 Aqr17 Aqr
45 Cap73 Psc52 Cas129 Tau62 Aur
51 UMa7 CrB47 Cap18 Peg53 Cam
79 Cnc6 Sex73 Vir19 Ser97 Psc
16 Ari85 Tau44 Gem58 Gem16 Cnc
7 Sex37 Vir4 Lyr29 Aql9 And
88 Psc66 Ari54 Aur16 Oph61 Cyg
39 Aqr26 Cet29 Ari45 Leo44 LMi
40 Dra33 Peg24 Cam11 Cyg48 Psc
33 Tau23 Lyn4 CVn3 Cen55 Cas
2 Pup67 Cnc43 Leo76 UMa34 Vir
6 Equ65 Ari96 Tau8 Cam12 Cam
110 Tau8 Gem12 CMa21 Cnc75 UMa
25 Lib2 CrB43 Ser56 Her1 Del
78 Cyg67 Psc49 Per57 Per41 Aur
20 Leo72 Vir59 And38 Aur39 Gem
28 Cnc60 UMa39 Ser19 Oph8 Aql
36 Psc26 And7 Eri53 Ari11 Tau
22 Pup21 Hya38 Vir7 PsA76 Cyg
1 Psc27 Cet75 Psc66 And60 Ari
1 Mon59 Aur42 Leo8 Ser15 Ser
59 Psc95 Tau15 Cam14 Pup46 Cnc
10 Hya18 Sge68 Aql14 Eri14 Tau
32 Eri17 Aur30 Cam25 Cnc13 LMi
26 Ser8 Her18 Cet11 Ari26 Ari
19 Cam23 Cam43 LMi82 Aqr21 Cet
21 Pup13 Ori104 Vir26 Lib28 Lib
61 Oph19 PsA60 Peg13 Cas82 Gem
9 LMi3 Peg10 Cet27 Vir85 Vir
63 Her44 Cyg70 Aqr78 Aqr16 Cnc
48 LMi88 Leo54 Sgr69 Dra44 Cet
14 Sex7 CVn2 Lib97 Her11 Aqr
41 Peg3 Psc81 Aqr26 Psc101 Psc
16 Gem12 Ser42 Psc5 Tri27 Ari
53 Cnc11 Boo26 Sgr9 Sge32 Lyn
13 Leo4 Sex78 Psc10 Per113 Tau
9 Gem25 Lyn41 Vir7 Her55 Dra
2 Sge20 Cap27 Cap45 Peg9 Psc
28 Lyn33 Sex20 Vir29 Oph48 Aql
74 Peg1 Cet109 Psc54 Ari108 Tau
12 Cnc8 Com11 CVn35 LMi36 Sex
15 CVn54 Vir7 Ser57 Her6 Sgr
25 Psc61 Cnc22 Com40 Ser65 Peg
100 Aqr86 Psc60 Aur23 Cnc41 Cnc
54 Leo29 Lib14 Sco4 Cnc37 Hya
48 Tau23 Cnc35 UMa32 Com3 Cap
48 Cyg31 Psc71 Cet79 Gem9 Com
5 Lib7 Vul14 Del35 Cas28 UMa
41 UMa53 Sgr46 Aql1 Cap77 Psc
47 Cam50 LMi53 Aqr5 Per62 Tau
8 Pup32 Cnc7 Leo20 Aqr80 Leo
9 CVn29 Aqr56 Aqr43 Aur54 Cnc
70 Cnc58 Aqr13 Psc9 Cet6 Gem
39 Cnc3 Com20 UMi32 Cet19 Gem
40 Gem34 Hya17 Vir24 Mon35 Vir
20 Dra24 Aql26 Vul67 Aqr25 Gem
39 Peg22 Tau68 UMa34 Leo7 Lyn
14 Mon19 Leo13 Sex3 UMi23 Lib
34 Her36 Ari70 Tau22 Aur32 Gem
34 Cnc23 Leo22 LMi64 Leo28 Peg
96 Vir13 PsA16 Cas18 Cam61 Aur
17 Sge43 Cet18 Aur49 Cam24 LMi
57 Aql61 Peg30 Ari14 Cam83 Leo
51 Boo5 PsA81 Cnc14 Ser25 Sgr
42 Aur49 Her19 Lyn37 Cnc17 Dra
61 Psc29 Cam29 Hya65 UMa65 Sgr
24 Com28 Com48 Cnc52 Oph65 Dra
53 Aqr6 Aur35 Cnc48 Vir17 Lib
40 Sex30 Sgr23 Sex17 CrB17 Hya
88 Her17 Boo61 Her55 Eri41 Ori
12 Sex25 Sco41 Ori12 Cap6 Mon
52 Ari39 Oph55 Eri41 Aur34 Ori
2 Pup17 Hya36 Her65 Psc52 Ari
24 Cnc65 UMa31 Cap30 Ari65 Psc
77 Psc12 Aqr24 Cnc41 Ori

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